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Can Titanium Dioxide Enterprises Increase the Price of Coati
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Faced with the rapid rise of titanium dioxide in 2016, many giants have raised their prices, ranging from 500, 700 to 1000 yuan/ton. Some research reports even indicate that the price of titanium dioxide in 2017 is expected to exceed 20,000 yuan/ton. Now it is difficult to get through the most difficult period, but the word "rise" does not seem to stop. In the face of environmental protection policies and the soaring raw materials, paint companies unconsciously entered the "glacier period" of 2017. In the face of such a rising situation of titanium dioxide, coating enterprises can choose to add appropriate amount of silicon powder, using silicon powder to replace part of titanium dioxide, in order to reduce costs?
Titanium dioxide is a powerful raw material for coatings
On the one hand, we can not deny the position of titanium dioxide in coatings. Because of its high refractive index, strong achromatic power, strong covering power, good dispersion, good whiteness, non-toxicity, stable physical and chemical properties, and excellent optical and electrical properties, pigmented titanium dioxide is widely used and plays an important role in the application of coatings.
The use of titanium dioxide can greatly reduce the amount of pigments used in the whole paint. At the same time, the paint is bright in color, not easy to yellowing, light-resistant, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, weather-resistant, alkali-resistant, sulfur-resistant and dilute acid-resistant. The amount of titanium dioxide accounts for more than 90% of the total amount of pigments used in coatings and 95% of white pigments used in coatings. It accounts for 10%-25% of the cost of raw materials for coatings.
Silicon powder is similar to titanium dioxide and can partly replace titanium dioxide.
On the other hand, the structure of silicon powder is similar to that of titanium dioxide, which can be partly replaced by titanium dioxide.
Silicon micro-powder is a kind of micro-powder made from natural quartz (SiO 2) or fused quartz (amorphous SiO 2 after high temperature melting and cooling) by crushing, ball milling (or vibration, air grinding), flotation, pickling and purification, high purity water treatment and other processes. It has the advantages of excellent dielectric properties, low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity and good suspension performance.
Application of Silicon Powder in Coatings
(1) Silicon powder has good stability and has been playing an important role in coating fillers. In the coatings industry, the particle size, whiteness, hardness, suspension, dispersion, low oil absorption and high resistivity of silicon powder can improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, insulation and high temperature resistance of coatings.
Performance comparison of several common fillers for coatings
Performance comparison of several common fillers for coatings
(2) Silicon powder is used as functional filler in coatings to increase compatibility and reduce cost. Shielding matting agent, quartz (silica), can replace some expensive titanium dioxide powder for coatings and paints, and reduce production costs. The thixotropic property of the flame retardant insulating coating is improved by adding silicon powder. The coating has the characteristics of uniform coating, no cracks, short curing time and low cost.
(3) Silicon powder is non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free, does not contain organic pollution, and has low metal content. It can improve the anti-ultraviolet ability of the coating and has good thermal insulation effect. A non-toxic epoxy toughening coating with anticorrosive function was developed by adding silicon powder to epoxy resin in the non-toxic epoxy toughening coating, which overcomes the shortcomings of brushing and spraying existing coatings at low temperature.
(4) The grinding time is short, the adhesion is strong and the drying is fast. In the formulation of blending paint, primer and rust-proof paint (6-15%) not only fills and compatibilizes, but also improves fineness, leveling performance, film hardness, shortens grinding time, water resistance, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, dispersibility of pigments and storage stability of paints. 。
(5) With the increasing prosperity of the construction market, the consumption of silicon micro-powder also increases. At the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the ultra-fine and modification of silicon micro-powder.
Parameters of coatings grade silicon powder:
With the pressure of environmental protection policy, the rising price of raw materials, and the abundant quartz resources in China, the application of silicon powder in coatings has attractive market prospects and broad development space. (Source: Powder Net)