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Titanium dioxide prices in Germany have risen by more than 3
TIME:2019-07-08 READING:

According to the survey of German Coatings Association, among nearly 250 enterprises, most of them have been greatly affected by the rising price of raw materials. On the one hand, the price of raw materials keeps rising, on the other hand, the shortage of titanium dioxide products is also a problem faced by German coatings enterprises at present.
Since the summer of 2016, the price of titanium dioxide in Germany has risen by more than 30%. With the increase of price level, the delivery of titanium dioxide products is difficult in some areas. Prices of other major raw materials rose, and the total cost of solvents during the same period was about 15%.
Compared with the development of German coatings industry, the price of domestic titanium dioxide market has been rising all the way at present, which has reached about 70%, together with the price rise of other raw materials and the intensification of environmental protection supervision, which has had a great impact on the development of domestic coatings enterprises.
At present, the domestic titanium dioxide market is stable and small. Most enterprises'quotations are stable. Some enterprises' pressures on shipment and inventory have loosened their negotiations and the trading atmosphere is light.
Market mentality: raw titanium concentrate weak adjustment, insufficient cost support; domestic enterprises mostly maintain a stable wait-and-see market, sales pressure has increased compared with the previous period.
Market supply and demand: last week, the domestic mainstream titanium dioxide plant started to reduce, the overall start-up rate dropped to 67%, the overall supply has been reduced, the downstream demand of the terminal.
Step by step, especially in the main downstream paint industry demand reduction, mainstream enterprises export relatively stable, the overall situation of oversupply slightly increased.
With the coming of the downstream off-season, the overall demand side has weakened, and the sales pressure of domestic titanium dioxide enterprises has increased compared with the earlier period. Although mainstream enterprises rely on export support, inventory is not high, and the stock price is expected, under the background of weakening overall fundamentals, it is expected that the overall market will be difficult to develop well, and short-term market vulnerability adjustment will dominate. Continue to pay attention to the inventory changes of enterprises.