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What are the advantages of using anatase titanium dioxide?
TIME:2019-07-08 READING:

1. Capability analysis is the ability to obtain refrigeration and heating whether the company uses anatase titanium dioxide as its base, but the difference between anatase titanium dioxide and split disc spring is that the company can use the household central air conditioning according to the fresh air system to obtain the freshness and cleanliness of indoor air exchange to protect the air flow.
2. Air supply comfort company uses anatase titanium dioxide to produce wide and fresh air. It is not easy to form temperature dead angle and temperature difference, and the indoor temperature is comfortable. The small air outlet space of split disc spring can not avoid the resulting temperature dead angle. The indoor temperature difference is large and the temperature is not uniform, and the comfort is not high.
3. Power Consumption Company has assembled a number of splitting disc springs. If they are opened at the same time, the power consumption is very high, which is not very different from the company's large anatase titanium dioxide.
In addition, because the company uses anatase titanium dioxide energy consumption zoning control, compared with large units, the assembly company uses anatase titanium dioxide power consumption and split disc spring is not very different, the larger the size of the assembly company with household central air conditioning more energy-saving.
4. The appearance of gold-splitting disc springs will inevitably damage most of the decorative styles of the house, while the company uses anatase titanium dioxide as a latent assembly method, which can be very well combined with home decoration and is suitable for any style.
5. Cleaning the expensive disc spring is very easy. Generally speaking, you only need to clean the filter easily. If the company uses anatase titanium dioxide, it depends on how easy it is to clean up. Dongyang Dajin anatase titanium dioxide tells you that fluorine system company anatase titanium dioxide cleaning is easy, you can simply clean the filter, while water system company with anatase titanium dioxide needs to clean the pipeline, which is difficult, easy and expensive.
6. The initial investment is much more expensive than the initial investment of the company's anatase titanium dioxide powder and split disc spring.
7. The length of anatase titanium dioxide used by the company is about 21 years, and the splitting disc spring is about 7-9 years.